Volunteer With Children’s Freedom Choir Summer Music School

Children’s Freedom Choir begins August 8th, 5:45-6:45 pm. Volunteers are needed to help in the following areas:

Food – The Freedom choir provides the kids with dinner every Wednesday. Volunteers are needed to help serve food.

Registration – Each child receives a name tag and gets marked for attendance each day. Help is needed at the registration table, especially on the first day.

Recreation – The kids go through different modules during the day including a recreation time in the gym. If you would like to help set up and play games with the kids, please sign up below!

Tour Guides – Each group goes to a different activity at different times and we need people to help take the kids from recreation to bible study to drums…etc.

Bus Riders – Buses go out every Wednesday to pick the kids up from the apartments and houses around the church.  Bus Riders will be responsible for putting a wristband on each child as they get on the bus.

Crafts – The kids enjoy craft time each day and volunteers are needed to help set out and organize crafts for varying age groups.


Ready to Volunteer?

If you feel called to serve the nations of the world here in Nashville and would like to show the love of Christ through our Children’s Freedom choir, please signup using the volunteer form on this page. If you would like to volunteer for another area, please click here to be directed to our general volunteer signup form.

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