Children’s Freedom Choir Volunteers

On any given Wednesday evening, we are transporting around 60 children to the church to participate in the Children’s Freedom Choir. It is easy to wonder what these babies have seen in their short lives. It would break your heart to hear what some of them have seen and experienced. These children have lived in refugee camps where violence, death, hunger, and danger were a daily reality. If you have children or grandchildren think about when they were in middle school. What did they do after school? My son spent time playing video games, shooting hoops, and hang out with friends. Many of these kids get home and begin caring for their younger siblings. They are responsible for cleaning the house, cooking dinner, helping with homework, etc., because their parents are working night shifts no one else is there to care for them. Why do I tell you these things? Every week, you have the opportunity to give them the love and attention they may be missing due to circumstances beyond their control. Volunteer with us and take time to get to know these kids, for some of them the highlight of their week is coming to church. We have seen them weep when they can’t come. God has brought the world to our doorsteps, you have an amazing opportunity to show them what real Christian love is.
Terry Hudgins